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另一種書寫:從西文文獻看明清時期的中國史 Alternative Narratives: Ming-Qing Chinese History as Written in European Sources

Date & Time

13 March 2023




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另一種書寫:從西文文獻看明清時期的中國史 Alternative Narratives: Ming-Qing Chinese History as Written in European Sources

分享嘉賓 Speaker: 

董少新 教授 Prof. DONG Shaoxin (Fudan University)

梅謙立 教授 Prof. Thierry MEYNARD (Sun Yat-Sen University)

主持人 Moderator:

宋剛 博士 Dr. SONG Gang (HKU)

日期 Date: 13 March 2023 (Mon)

時間 Time: 16:00 – 17:30 (HKT)     

語言 Language: 普通話 Putonghua

講座摘要 Abstract of Webinar:


Should Chinese history be interpreted only by way of Chinese sources? What is the value of European sources to the studies of Chinese history after the late Ming period? Will the approach “Chinese history through European sources” possibly become a new direction in historiographic research? This webinar presents a dialogue between two experts on Chinese-Western cultural exchanges in history. It starts with a presentation of exemplary texts, followed by a discussion on the production and circulation of knowledge on Chinese history in modern Europe, in parallel with a survey of the major characteristics and trends of Chinese historical writings. The mutual corroboration approach in using Chinese and European sources will be further examined in light of its practicality, advantages, and limits.

嘉賓簡介 About Speakers: 

董少新 遼寧丹東人。中山大學歷史系博士。現任復旦大學文史研究院研究員,博士生導師。主要研究近代早期東西方文化交流史、東亞海域史等。

Shaoxin Dong was born in Dandong, Liaoning Province. He received his PhD degree in history, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou. He is now professor of history in the National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Fudan University. His research interests include the history of Sino-European relations in early modern period and the history of Maritime East Asia.

梅謙立 法国人。北京大学中国哲学博士。現任中山大学哲学系教授,博士生导师,中山大学西学东渐文献馆副馆长。主要研究中西思想交流、西方古典哲学、当代新儒家。

Thierry Meynard was born in France. He received his PhD degree in Chinese Philosophy, Beijing University. He is currently professor in the Department of Philosophy, and Vice-Director of the Archive for Introduction of Western Knowledge, at Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou. His research interests include the exchanges of Chinese and Western thoughts, Western classical philosophy, and New Confucianism.

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